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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Hello, I have just had a few hours studying some Hong Kong stamps. Thought you might like to see these as they are examples of why you need a good catalogue and why it is always worth studying the stamps you have very carefully, sometimes.

The first (left) stamp is SG 155a.  This has a short leg to the R  in the word Dollar. It has a very nice catalogue value of £190. It is on chalk surfaced paper. If it were on ordinary paper it has a catalogue value of £325.   Still, no complaint about having the cheaper copy is there.  The second stamp is SG 156, This also has a short leg to the R but there are three varieties, Ordinary paper, Chalk surface paper and a yellow orange and green shade.  Catalogue  £65,  £90 and  £275 respectively. I am hoping I have not identified this last one wrongly as it is in my cddstamps online store here for 40% of lowest catalogue,  as is the SG 155a.

Apart form the fact I hope you enjoy seeing these and learning (perhaps) something about why it is worth studying your stamps carefully, I also show because if you have a few gaps like these in your collection, then one place you can fill those gaps is at cddstamps

More tomorrow from the stamps I have been adding to my store today

Best wishes   Michael


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