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Friday, September 25, 2015

Hi, TGIF, what a wonderful feeling :-)   and tonight back to a couple of stamps from Canada, as I am still sorting the stock to put into the Bidstart Store. Golf will take a back seat for a while. Next trip is Macau in late November. The Christmas Classic trip as our club call it. Two days planned at the moment.  we played there last year and the Macau Country Club is well worth the visit.

Anyway, these are from the Writers series, the 3rd series in fact, issued in 1979. Are you familiar with the writers I wonder. Emile Nelligan and Fredrick Philip Grove. Grove was renowned, so it is said, because he constructed his entire life as an intricate web of fact and fiction. Don't we all I thought!    Nelligan, a poet actually, and another interesting character, is speculated to have gone insane because of the vast cultural and language differences between his mother and father.  Well who wouldn't!

Back to golf and the more simple life, or just enjoy your stamps and learning about the people and themes presented.

Have a great weekend.   Michael where you can buy  at competitive prices to fill a few gaps in your collection.


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