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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hello, another week and some more stamps. But before I get to them I just want to say thanks to all of you for reading the blog and my posts elsewhere. Nice to hear from so many of you.

There is a winner to my Canada GV question. Well done to  many of you but the winner was  Anand Bhat who will be receiving a selection of Canadian stamps soon.

 For  those of you who had a wild guess perhaps, I hope you get to look at your stamps more carefully.  The year, 1935, is written in the outer ring of the portrait on the left.  I have tried to show where in the image above. Because it is so small and I lost my philatelic microsope ( in my move earlier this year)  I cannot enlarge the image clearly enough to show you. But do have a look at one if you have a copy from this period.

I am working to catalogue more Canada at the moment. One thing that has surprised me is the very low catalogue value. So if you have some gaps in your collection perhaps you will have a look at my Bidstart Store, or Stanley Gibbons Marketplace over the coming weekend ( when I hope to get them all listed  All from the 1930s to early 1970s.  Even some phosphors and lots of  perf varieties. Over 300 lots which I am creating the load file for now.

wish I could load to the Store sooner but am also kept busy packing orders. Great to know so many of you value to selection, quality and price. thank you.  and one final plug I am still giving a free pair of tweezers with orders  over  US $35 including P & P.  Yes I know you think you don't need another pair but believe me when you get these you will be so pleased. I use them all the time.  :-)

Anyway..  best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.... Michael



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