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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hello, Hope you enjoy seeing this stamp. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the catalogue to get the SG number.  It  is  SG 352, perf 8 (unless I am terribly mistaken)   It is a coil stamp from the 1935 issue and has a catalogue value of £14. (GBP)   Pity I do not have the flaw variety with the narrow 1,  always check what you have as that stamp has a catalogue value of £60.  Worth checking.

Nice find I think. I have so much Canada stock I decided that it is time to start sorting in readiness to list in my bidStart Store.   Give me a few days and it will be listed at a very competitive price.

Of course you can look through your own material and always check the perforation. As I often say. This stamp, albeit you will not see the imperf margins I expect, will be SG 341 with a catalogue value of just 10p.

Friday tomorrow. TGIF   have a great weekend everyone and enjoy your stamps.



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