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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hello, thanks for reading the blog. I hope you enjoy seeing these two stamps tonight.

Do they look the same?  Of course they are not and to complete your collection it is worth studying your stamps carefully. The one on the left is SG 702 Type I and on the right is Type II, SG 702a, well actually Type II B because of the perforation difference ( perf 13 1/2  versus perf 12 1/2 for the normal SG 702. Small differences and  little difference in catalogue value but always nice to find when sorting what you think are all the same stamps.

I hope you enjoy looking for the differences if you do not already know them. Perhaps these two images below will help

Best wishes  ... Michael..          these and more will be in my Bidstart Store soon, when I finish cataloging more over the coming few days.   click here for Canada   or here to see all the British Commonwealth Countries I have in the Store.


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