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Thursday, April 04, 2013

I hope you like these, whatever I may think of Australia Post - and and apart from their very customer focused Philatelic department I am not that impressed - I do like these stamps, and other recent issues. Too many for the collector in my humble view but  they gotta make a buck haven't they.

Now for those of you paying attention I have my Bidstart store humming away these days, yet sadly these new stamps also mean a Postage increase.  I have now got over 2500 items listed so you will get an even better deal I think as I will not increase my postage and handling fees. I did foresee this but to fully cover the increase  all you have do to help me is buy just one more stamp :-)   I will in essence be giving it away for free since the cost of it will cover my additional fees.  :-)

Have a look at   and just type the SG number of the stamp you are looking for to fill a gap in your collection. It may be you are looking for Great Britain SG 952, or say Australia SG 952.   If you are coincidentally looking for both, wow, both will be displayed when you type 952 into the search field.  

And, if you really like these stamps.. I will be using one or more on all overseas mailings. And I will get the letter hand franked so you should not have to worry about the stamp being damaged in the franking process - that is me being politically correct for once !!! What a nice way to get a VFU copy.

Have a great weekend  .... Michael



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