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Monday, April 01, 2013

Hello, how was your Easter weekend?    Good I hope.  I am back in Sydney and finally have time for stamps. Mostly I spend my time packing orders from my Bidstart Store and the requests I accumulated for free stamps to Children while I have been away.  Anyway,  thanks to all of my customers, and my apology for slow mailing. The past two weeks I was overseas as you may know, and so I had to catch up on my return.

I discovered a search feature I thought I would tell you about. If you visit my Store at
and type the SG number ( just the number,   for example, 2597 is all that is needed -   you do not have to type SG ) into the “Search Store For” field and press enter you will see if I have that stamp listed in the Store.    I now have nearly 2500 items for sale so rather than scroll though that lot why not just look up the stamp you are looking for to fill a gap in your collection. 

It works for any country, as long as you know the SG number.  I did it myself and by random SG number   I found I had priced a stamp wrongly – a typo -  (too high). I price by exchange rate on the day so you may get a better bargain than you thought if there are two or more of the same stamp listed as I do not go back and adjust prices.  My prices are 10% of catalogue and up, depending on the stamp and  mostly (95% of listings) I only list stamps which are VFU. There are some Mint Hinged and Mint Unhinged for earlier GB.  I throw away damaged stamps, or stamps with stupidly heavy postmarks or really bad creases.

Hope you have time to look. A really easy way to fill some gaps in your collection if you collect GB, Australia, USA, Canada, Fiji, Rhodesia, Norfolk Island, PNG and many more.

Enjoy your stamps…………..    Best wishes………... Michael
Oh,  and the picture above, …………  item number  33866400, or type Glass in the search field. This is the magnifying glass I use.


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