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Monday, February 04, 2013

Listed this on Bidstart Store today.  Lovely design I hope you will agree. and the following is something I posted to a few people and a few boards..   so sharing with you all FYI as well..

The reason I am writing is to let everyone know I am alive and well, been busy with work  (past 2 1/2 years in Hong Kong and more recently Brisbane)  but now finding more time for stamps. And, I really am trying to find ways to let people know what I am doing in the stamp world.

My latest activity is  a Bidstart Store that I have started.  So far I have listed over 1000 items - all with scans of the stamps - covering mainly Australia, Great Britain and Canada, but with various others as well.  If you have gaps in your collections this is a great and cheap was to fill them, as my prices are mostly 5% to 25% of catalogue. I won't get rich selling here :-) but it will offset the costs I have sending free stamps to children, and others, every month.  Here is the link to the Store

I hope you enjoy looking and perhaps will tell friends about it.

On the Aviation front, I flew more A380 inaugurals over past two years,  Korean Air, China Southern and Malaysia Airlines. Sadly I missed the Thai A380 inaugurals flights because of work commitments although I did have covers carried on those.  All my A380 covers are listed ( some still to be listed) on my web site at   Yes prices are high but these are genuine flown covers with documented proof, including pictures of the crew and crew signatures, not like some of the alleged A380 FFC covers you see on eBay from countries that have never seen an A380 except from 39,000 feet. I am of course saving like mad because I want to fly the BA A380 inaugural later this year. Watch this space!!!!

My web site as I mentioned earlier is still there and with some very good offers in the Online Shop, and often on the Home Page - Currently a Valentines days special if you collect GB Commemoratives.

I am still a Director of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) and the Newsletter Editor.  We continue to promote the IPDA and try hard to get across the message that buyers should buy from accredited sellers, whether it be an IPDA member or a seller accredited through another recognised organisations. 

And finally, I started to write on Twitter and with 160 followers so far , I  feel this is yet another forum to keep people informed, as I myself keep informed on topics and organisations I like to keep up to date on.  You can follow me on Twitter - I am cddstamps, - and if you visit my web site at there is a link to click on to follow me.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following my blogs, and thanks if you do visit my Bidstart Store, and even more thanks if you find something to buy. And perhaps if nothing else you can forward my details ( this email perhaps) to a friend and / or  fellow stamp collector who may get value or be interested to know about cddstamps.

Best wishes. Enjoy this wonderful; hobby



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