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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday afternoon and I have just woken up. Thought I would have a look at stamp related topics to change my brain patern after what has so far been a 20 hour working weekend. I go back into office in an hour for evening shift so to speak and I must say it is a very rewarding experience to have been part of what I have been doing.  

Anyway for some reason I was thinking London Underground even though I usually think only of planes and airline matters :-)  Thus the stamps above.  (which are not there again because Blogspot wont give me file selection to upload. will try later)   Nice issue?  I think so.  You have probably seen them in many sources but I thought I would show.  Somewhat nostalgic for me as I spent many years travelling on the Central line I think it was called.

Hope you all having a great weekend. Oh yes, have you looked at my Bidstart Store yet. Many sales over the past week and if you were one of the buyers please accept my apology for slow mailing. Will be back in Sydney and deal with orders on 22nd.  Seller id michaelatcddstamps of course. Enjoy



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