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Monday, January 21, 2013

Hello everyone,  

Years ago as a young lad I used to go to a stamp dealer in Edinburgh and browse through his stock books and buy the odd stamp to fill a gap in my collection.   That is now largely a thing of the past. These days we all look through on line stores, like eBay and Bidstart and Delcampe and many others.  I do miss buying at the dealers and the interaction, One reason for my blogs, to chat to you all about stamps.

But I have started as you may know already a Bidstart store and I hope you will enjoy the material I have listed. All useful, no junk, I tried to think,  what would I like to see.

Anyway, it takes a while to load the material so I have been selective and there is no cat 5c  or 10c stamps  99% of material is cat GBP 0.50 or more  with probably 50% over 1 GBP cat. Catalogue values are listed in my descriptions and practically everything I list is VFU

Anyway, if you have gaps in Australia or want some very good GB  please have a visit to my store

I have listed over 350 items so far  - do enjoy a look at me at seller id michaelatcddstamps.

I am starting GB GV, GVI and QEII definitives this coming weekend and nearly all material will be sideways, or inverted watermarks  of the various watermarks of the definitive issues.  Perhaps there will be something there you might find to fill a gap in your collections.

My prices are usually 5% to 25 % of cat and as I say quality is usually VFU.

Enjoy your stamps   Best wishes ...Michael


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