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Saturday, February 02, 2013

Hi,   how was your day?  Good I hope. Been raining again here so that meant I could do stamps and more stamps and more stamps :-).

I won't tell you how many great lots there are in my Bidstart Store now but I will show you a few of the lovely stamps I came across while sorting and cataloguing some old material today. So much has accumulated I just have to try to clear my study and old albums: thus my Bidstart Store.

I also spent many hours writing the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) monthly newsletter. That was completed and emailed to members. Some already replied they enjoyed reading it. Are you an IPDA member I wonder. Probably not if you are reading this as you will have been bored to death already today with my ramblings :-)  Only joking.  but seriously, if you are a seller, please write to me at cddstamps@ and ask for a free copy of the February Newsletter.

Are you a seller? and if yes why are you not an IPDA member. Worth it if only to let buyers know you are accredited to an organisation. I was reading some auction lots today. Obviously not IPDA members given the poor quality / descriptions I was seeing. I've written about this time and time again but little seems to change. Make a difference and look at our website

Ok, off my soap box. Hope you all enjoying your stamps. The above pair is from the 1979 National Parks issue. Nice pair I think you will agree and not one easily found these day in such nice condition. There is also a se-tenant strip of 5 which you can see in my Bidstart Store.  The stamp below is from the 1980's Wildlife series and has a catalogue value of £2.00. That surprised me when I was listing this and others. Lovely series of stamps I think.

Best wishes...................   Michael        


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