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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Hello again,   sorry but I just have to tell you that my eBay lots are starting to close in 24 hours..  no bids so far so you should be able to get some really good deals. Do have a look at me at seller  michaelatcddstamps.   If nothing else so I can get over 400 feedbacks :-)

And what about the stamp above. Lovely.  I found a few sheets of Hagners with these and earlier similar design issues which I am listing in my Bidstart Store.

I now have over 100 lots in my Bidstart Store. (  Many GB  Mint unhinged in Post Office fresh condition at 50% or less of face value so a real deal.   Useful for your collection or if you are in the UK for postage. All  are 1983 / 1984 issues.. Will load more of other years  over the weekend I expect.

The Castle issues (above example is SG 1996 Enschede printing with a catalogue value of  £10) are being listed now in my Store andpriced to sell at 25% of catalogue or less, and fine to very fine used.
My Bidstart store is at michaelatstamps.   type michaelatcddstamps in "search by seller" field or click  here
Lots of bargains to be had from many countries  all priced to sell, no bidding hassle.

Best wishes.. Michael


At 11:08 PM, Blogger Crispinhj said...

Hi Michael

I hope you are well!

I have been following your blog with interest for a while and looked at your bidstart store as you suggested the other day

There are a few things there I'd be interested in but I have no idea what the deal is on postage - do you combine postage as many people do on ebay?

All the best



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