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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I do love you Americans ...sometimes... :-) I work with a few great guys... nayway... no digression here ..... but have a look at this......sorry but this could only come from the US.. :-) big happy friendly smile to you all. copy this url and click on video of why stamps were invented.....


Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I found this cover tonight. Thought you might enjoy it.

So much in the press about Qantas and also about the Olympics. Seemed sort of appropriate to show it.

I have no idea of the significance of the cover. But hey I like it so that is good enough.
Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a simple Christmas issue

I was sorting some GB Christmas issues for a reader in the US today. I don't have much here with me in Seoul but from all I have been soaking in recent months I found a few. Well lets face it in any kiloware you are likely to get plenty of Christmas issues, but the higher value ones, will you get those.

I've written on this before. Don't waste money buying mint new issues. My guess is 99% of the time the best value for the stamp will be to use it on a letter. Modern used in good condition seem to have a good cat value.

Take this simple 68p issue from the 2005 Royal Mail issue. Quite a controversial issue at the time I recall. Catalgue is ₤2.20 as shown in the SG GB Concise for 2007. How many copies do you have?

The ₤1.12 value is catalogue at ₤3.60. Awesome

Anyone know the 2008 catalogue price?
I'd be interested to hear.

Same holds true for general commemoratives, I see from a quick scan of the catalogue.

So moral of this - collect fine used. Well that is my view. And while I have given up collecting GB current issues, generally - I do make the odd exception and I only get them used. As for the empty spaces in my albums now... I'll try buying kiloware and hope I can find some of the higer values in time. Any thoughts??? write me at

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes ......Michael

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Royal Mail Air Display issue...............

Hello, two stamps tonight. I received these in my mail today. Yes and the others in the set. How wonderful. This one is of the Red Arrows, the RAF aerobatic display team, or four of them :-) to be precise. From the Royal Mail Air Display issue of 17th July.

What is interesting aboutwhat I am showing?? come on, be observant. :-)

I've been soaking stamps today and will send some GB mix to first correct reply - email me at

Anyone think I have something of at least small value here? Cannot be too much and I have to split it 50 50 with the lovely person who sent it to me. Although I think I'll keep it in my collection :-)

Hope you are enjoying your stamps.. Best wishes ...... Michael

Friday, July 25, 2008

Flying.... sleep ...and stamps.........

Hello all two of you :-) ha ha and yes thanks for showing me the typo on my old blog.. oh dear...always rushing and never proof reading.. that is the way today I feel. I'll update.
Thanks Jill.

Stamps... well I have done nothing.. not even thought stamps this week... got back from Kuala Lumpur today.. overnight flight.. don't you just hate those when you don't have first and a flat bed.

My problem is if I don't get to sleep by say midnight I start to stay awake for the next 24 hours...... and the flight didn't leave in the end until 01:45... so by the time we had climbed to seat belts off - which off course we never do .. do we... please always keep your seat belts on the entire flight.. I can tell you some rather awful stories.. not me thankfully.. anyway.. back to stamps..

Olympic stamps.. have you seen many.. here is one from the US... Actually I think this is THE US issue.. pretty pathethic if you ask me... :-)

Please send me a scan from your country of any 2008 Olympic stamps that has been or will be issued. I'll show to everyone. Am home for the weekend here in Seoul so may just think stamps for a while................. when I wake up eventually :-) Enjoy your stamps........... Nite ........... . Michael

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just posting.............

I can only think I have offended you all.. well all but one as I had one email telling me there was no title in my postings.. which was nice... and thanks.. and I didn't know it was noticed by RSS feeds.. Now I do, so I will include a title. But as for the rest of you... well I guess since I stopped writing to my original blog I have lost you. Oh well.. here I am talking to myself again. Becomes a habit you know.

Am off to KL tomorrow. Will have the cabin crew to talk to tomoorow night. Fly back on a 01:00 flight Friday morninging. Am I nuts or what. Don't answer ok.. Won't be talking to cabin crew on that flight, will be curled up asleep I hope as I have work on arrival in Seoul. Meeting better go well. Actually I better perform well is more to the point. Stamps...... can I interest anyone in stamps. Not me at the moment I have to admit. I need them for mental relaxation. Don't you. But don't seem to be making the time for them. Priorities wrong me thinks.

OK a stamp theme. Olympics coming up soon.. so lots of new stamps. Send me a scan of your favourite, or one from you country. Go on be brave... here is one I cannot resist showing.. I rather like these..

Enjoy your stamps..and hey... write to me I am going stir fry here alone in Seoul. :-)


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hello, some nice stamps tonight which I was told about while chatting with a stamp collector friend who is in India. A new issue by India Post - an India China joint issue.

One stamps shows the White Horse Temple, the other the Maha Bodhi Temple. Now you are saying so what. Well you should be saying how ignorant am I, and how lucky that you have stamps to help you grow your knowledge. Well that is me thinking out loud ok. :-)

Quickly then for all you heathens aout there. The White Horse Temple was the first Buddist temple in China. Fascinating story. Do read about it.

The Maha Bodhi Temple, another Buddist temple, this is the site where Siddhartha Gautama, the Budda attained enlightenment.

Now has that been a great awakening for you.. if you have enjoyed this and are able to tell me what the great awakening is all about, then 5o free world mixed to first email with your postal address to

Finally, have you received stamps from me recently. I mailed many many envelopes over past 4 weeks. Sadly only a couple of people wrote to say they received stamps.. some I even sent to wrong people, envelope packing mix up.. oooops..... and one person who has still not received what I sent.. which is a shame to both he and me as it was an expensive limited edition A380 cover.

Please let me know.. I really don't know what the Korean Post is like and I am just assuming it is ok world class etc ...... but who knows ...... not me, until I hear from you.

Best wishes.. Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

Monday, July 14, 2008

I am back.. here in Seoul. Well have been here a few days but been rather preoccupied with work. Today went to Tokyo for meetings and had no time to pick up any stamps. Sad thing is I was thinking stamps while in a meeting. How how boring am I. :-)

Anyway, this really just to say hello. Maybe tomorrow I'll find something to show you :-)

Hope all well and you are enjoying whatever spare time you have for stamps.

Michael........... ps still have some GB for sale..see previous posting.

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