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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

just posting.............

I can only think I have offended you all.. well all but one as I had one email telling me there was no title in my postings.. which was nice... and thanks.. and I didn't know it was noticed by RSS feeds.. Now I do, so I will include a title. But as for the rest of you... well I guess since I stopped writing to my original blog I have lost you. Oh well.. here I am talking to myself again. Becomes a habit you know.

Am off to KL tomorrow. Will have the cabin crew to talk to tomoorow night. Fly back on a 01:00 flight Friday morninging. Am I nuts or what. Don't answer ok.. Won't be talking to cabin crew on that flight, will be curled up asleep I hope as I have work on arrival in Seoul. Meeting better go well. Actually I better perform well is more to the point. Stamps...... can I interest anyone in stamps. Not me at the moment I have to admit. I need them for mental relaxation. Don't you. But don't seem to be making the time for them. Priorities wrong me thinks.

OK a stamp theme. Olympics coming up soon.. so lots of new stamps. Send me a scan of your favourite, or one from you country. Go on be brave... here is one I cannot resist showing.. I rather like these..

Enjoy your stamps..and hey... write to me I am going stir fry here alone in Seoul. :-)



At 11:26 PM, Blogger jillcrow said...

Hi Michael,

Some of your readers may not have found your new blog address as in your posting on June 2, there was a typo in the new address - blogpsot instead of blogspot, leading to a site unrelated to stamps

Cheers, Jill

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