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Sunday, June 29, 2008

My last piece for a few days - due business travel as I mentioned previously. Hope you like these stamps. To be issued August 8th here in Korea. I will give a copy free to all orders for my GB definitive mixes - Machins and QE II Wildings or, my GB Commemorative mix as follows:

Lot 1 - 100 stamps - GB Definitive mix - maybe a few duplicates but will try my best to avoid them - all off paper and no obvious flaws - have sorted them all into the garbage I think, - will include high values as well. USD $10 inclusive of postage and packing.

Lot 2 - 100 GB Commemoratives... will try to avoid Christmas issues but maybe a few - no duplicates guarenteed. USD $ 15.00 inclusive of postage and packing.

All deposits to my paypal acount at please.

All orders will be mailed after issue of the Korea Philately Week stamps on 7th August.

If you are waiting for stamps from me, they are in the mail today....... packed all orders and free sending to many of you ........... in the mail box this afternoon. Phew !!!

Enjoy your stamps .. Will check emails when I can. Best wishes.. Michael


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