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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Space on stamps

I was thinking of all the subject headings I could give this piece, and all sounded so cliched.. so just Space on Stamps,, and Australian stamps. Hope you like these...

many of you will get to see the stamps.. some of my readers will even own them in a few days time ... I am too generous I know.. but hey isn't this is a wonderful hobby and I know you will reciprocate ( I am nearly out of stamps again for my Childrens Corner.. having mailed some 1000 this past weekend)

...anyway.. Space ... I really like this gutter pair.. I have copies for sale.. email for details.. and some miniature sheets and covers.. and if you want to read a really good article - in my view - on Space, try this

More later, as 4th October is the 50 year anniversary of Sputnik
Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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