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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aircraft on stamps tonight

Hello, Hope you are having a good weekend.. been lovely here,, and I found a few minutes to look through some stamps. Have been thinking of aircraft on stamps,
a) because I am doing my First Flight covers for the A380 first commercial flight and
b) I know there are a few of you who like the subject, and hey,
c) I like the subject. And as it happens someone sent me some of these stamps. I should add my scanner has lightened the background colour.. it has a much darker background in reality.

I only have the 1s 6d mint, and a couple of copies... at least that is all I have found so far.. but if you just collect aircraft on stamps.. let me know and if you can tell me the aircraft type and airline I might be able to send you a copy.. mint unhinged... a lot of postage for one stamp so offer me something in exchange eh!!! some aircraft stamps you have a spare of.. mint or used I dont mind....
This SG 275 sadly not one of the 14 varieties... Anyone got a copy of each variety???.. That would be a wonderful collection... what you might call specialised..

Maybe something to aim for.. what do you think?... I am always looking for a new challenge enjoy your stamps... best wishes.. Michael


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