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Saturday, September 29, 2007

thematics and more......

Hello everyone, Three in one tonight, thematic stamps, a different mail category and shaped stamps.

Anyone collect balloons on stamps? surely plenty around, and these are rather nice.. and very shapely!!!! I don’t have them, just a big thank you to one of my readers who sent me the scan…

Now for Balloon Mail, this refers to the transport of mail (usually for weight reasons in the form of a postcard) carrying the name of the sender by means of an unguided hydrogen or helium filled balloon.
Since the balloon is not controllable, the recipient of a balloon mail is left to coincidence. Often the balloon and postcard are lost. A found balloon should be returned to the sender (by conventional post) with an indication of the discovery site, so that the sender can determine how far their balloon flew. How many of you new that.. I didn’t, I have to admit

Balloon mail has been used for spreading information and propaganda materials, in particular for spreading propaganda to the population in countries with dictatorial governments. A balloon can be released from outside of the sphere of influence of these governments and, wind permitting, can travel several hundred kilometers.

During the siege of Paris between 23 September 1870 and 22 January 1871, 65 unguided mail balloons were discharged, of which only two went missing. The special balloon postcards were 10 x 7 cm, and were manufactured of thin green paper. (See scan) There was a maximum weight of 4 g. The postcards carried an address, and it was hoped that the finder of a balloon would forward it through conventional mail. Twenty cents were charged for postage (more if the destination lay outside France).

And finaly.. I could not forget the kangaroos.. have a look at now when I checked I found that they show a different picture each time you go to the page, rotating around a few pictures.... so I suggest you go to the page a few times.. shucks.. no one wonder no one found the answer ... the clue to this was to click on the Compact Array link from the page I referred you to in my article. ..perhaps you did.. well try again a few times.. I think you will enjoy the picture..

Have a great weekend.. Michael


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