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Sunday, July 15, 2007

what is the correct catalogue description of this stamp..

Hello, I was browsing that auction site I often tell you about and came across this stamp. I am mentioning this tonight because I hope it will help you when you are thinking about buying from auction sites.

Apart from the fact the stamp is a an apology for a copy I guess if you want a space filler then it is ok... However, even as a space filler I would not bid US $11 for it .. as I know I can buy a better copy of SG 238 in Very Fine Used condition from a UK dealer for £6.50 ( that is US $13.22 at todays exchange rate) or I could buy an average used copy from the same dealer for £1.58 ( that is US $3.21). And this copy being auctioned is worse than average used .. trust me...

Ok,so apart from the fact some seller ( and probably not a bona fida dealer I might add but someone who has found a way to make a few bucks selling stamps to the collector who just likes stamp collecting but doesn't really know too much about philately.. and hey that is good, I think people should be able to enjoy a hobby without knowing too much about it,... we all learn as well go along right... ) anyway..some clown out there.. and believe me there are a few on this auction site... is selling this space filler with a starting price of US $11... I am so hoping no one buys it.. I would hate to think of someone getting so ripped of.. but having ranted on about the rip off part lets look at the philatelic part of this stamp.

It is listed as Scott 133..... which is close as you can get I believe to SG 238. I have to give credit to the seller ( they know nothing else so I guess I am being too kind ... in that they are listing this as the cheapest issue of this stamp because in fact there were three issues of this stamp ( and I may be corrected here) as SG lists SG 235, SG 236 and SG 238.

SG 235 is green and grey brown. SG 236 is green and chocolate brown, both of which were issued on what is termed ordinary paper, and then there is the chalk paper variety classified as SG 238. Now that said, these are the basic issues. There are a few more interesting varieties with watermarks inverted and various cracked plates and damage markings. Won't bore you with the details.. but just to say when someone lists a stamp for this period please be careful and check exactly what it is they say they are listing and what is actually listed. Hey you could find someone lists as a basic stamps and in fact it has a flaw ( ie variety) and you could do really well.. As I say, the people listing are in my humble opinion not stamps dealers - full or part time.. but people trying to make a fast buck selling to the masses. Don't be one of the masses.. or at least don't let yourself get ripped of.

and finally.. does this seller know this is a chalk paper issue.. I doubt it.. I suspect it is more likely a SG 235 / 236 issue... and actually catalogued slight higher than the Scott 133 listing.. but having said that I would still not but it from the auction site.. I would buy from a well known dealer.. and at a much cheaper price.

Buyer beware.. but at least do your research and homework before spending your hard earned dollars.

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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