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Friday, November 24, 2006

some promotions tonight

Hello everyone, I do not often write about other sites so thought it was about time I did.. I could write for hours on this but to start with I will just give you a few references. I like these sites as they offer good buys and can be good role models for design and layout and content, well for me anyway.. the first is Commonwealth Stamps..... have a look at the home page click here

and then there is the special at the moment for Hong Kong at
click here

worth a visit me thinks if you are interested in British Commonwealth and I have to say, Chris is a member of the IPDA (in fact a past Director) so you know you can deal with him with confidence.

The second site I really like, and I am a subscriber although have not bought from them for a while now is Buckingham Covers .. click here

I have bought from these people and have been very impressed with their service. I also receive the newsletter / new listings / new covers available brochure they send out and it is worth a read even if you dont want to buy anything.

Do have a look, especially if you collect covers and any specialist types of covers. In fact one or two of the covers I have shown you over the past year will have come from Buckinghams.

Anyway, there are so many good sites on the net these days I am sure you will agree. Do you have a favourite, or one or two you think are just extra good? send me an email telling me about them so I can tell others....

Have a great weekend, and enjoy your stamps.... Michael


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