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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My first Christmas present............

well I am thinking of this gift as a christmas present.. what a wonderful surprise, when I went to the PO Box today.. there was this envelope, with what I can only describe as stunning stamps with beautiful frankings (excepting the Australia Post habit of overfranking which in this case does not detract I am pleased to say.)

So, many thanks to Eric from France.. I hope you know of him and his blog .. if not have a look... very good ... and I don't say this just because he sent me this cover. You can see the M/S of these stamps- as issued by the French Post Office on his blog from a few days ago.

This cover goes into my flight collection.

Now thinking of French stamps, something different for me I know.. what about this stamp
....ok, so obviously it is from France, but in what year was it issued

and why do you think it would be of some interest I know that is a bit vague but there is something special about it.. any ideas... I think I might just find a few nice Austarlia FDCs for the 4th email with something close to the correct answer.

And tomorrow I may show you a web site that I think you will really enjoy, and on which you will find the answers. Last nights Christmas cover was won by Baiju from India, he was the third email.. sorry for the others of you who sent in replies.. luck of the email system eh!!!!!!!!!!

Best wishes.. enjoy your stamps.. Michael


At 3:57 AM, Blogger Eric said...

Hi Michael

I'm glad you got my letter and that you liked it. I also like the cancel, but this is really exceptional : it is because this is a first day cancel that it is so nice...


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