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Friday, August 04, 2006

Hi, well it has been 4 days since I last wrote so I should have lots to say. I do.. but I wont bore you to death. I could show you one of my talks this week.. death by powerpoint ha ha ha ha .. no it wasn't that bad.

Stamps.. somewhere alone the line I have forgotten about them what with work and some sleep in between yes I must get a life, I hear you say.

So what about these... nice cover dont you think..

I have 5 to give away... only if you tell me you have told a friend about this blog... no!, seriously I am only joking... you have to send me an email to and tell me the name and email address of the editor of your local stamp magazine and the name of the magazine.......... now how easy is that .. and how different .... you thought I would ask for the names of the fish didn't you...

Recent prize winners .. I have to read your emails.. sorry just not got round to my stamp emails this week.. been a rather busy week..

Have a great weekend, enjoy your stamps and I do look forward to hearing from you
Best wishes.. Michael


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