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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hello everyone, First many thanks to all of you who regularly read the blog. Second thanks to those of you who tell your friends about the blog. I write because I enjoy writing, because I enjoy the research and because I hope so many people like me enjoy stamps and topics associated with stamps. Today seemed to me a day where someone should be remembered and since I also enjoy reading history this came to mind.

This day in history, have a look at
I think you will enjoy the link and the pages associated with this web site. I enjoy looking through this site occasionally and I hope you will do.

You will see this stamp.
It is one of 7 issued in a set in 1997. Why? Easy question and the prize could be a set of the stamps. But before you jump to send me a reply read on…tonight something different.

To get a set of the stamps you have to a) answer the question above and the one further on…and b) hope enough people send me the stamps in the set.. and can you contribute.?????

You see I don’t have a full set of these myself. Sad eh!!

So here is my suggestion - if anyone has a spare of any of the stamps in the set please send it / them to me at cddstamps, PO BOX 3482, Dural NSW 2158, Australia.

I will make up sets from what you send – then I will send out the sets to people as prizes

If I get one set I will send one prize, if I get two sets I will send two prizes etc. I will not keep any for myself except what is left over and does not make up a set. Sound fair.

I think so. To win a set and you don’t have to send me a stamp or stamps, just send me an email to with the answer to the following question and the question above .…. ok I will make it easy as well… in what year was Henry made Prince of Wales ????

So two questions 1) why the 1997 issue... 2) what year was Henry made Price of Wales?

I will publish, in the weeks ahead, exactly how many stamps I receive and who the winner are……….... so please don’t be shy or think I am keeping these for myself.. audit as per SOX compliance rules apply. Big Smile here…….

Enjoy your stamps and history .. Best wishes,… Michael


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