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Sunday, January 09, 2022

   Hello,  staying with Fiji and the Map of the Island stamp but this time one from the QEII issue.

Yes the same as the GVI issue  but issued in 1954 as part of the QE II definitive series using the  images from the GVI issue I mentioned  in the previous post.  Not too much to look out for in this issue, just a few colour variations.

There was a second QE II issue in 1959 and this time the images were unique to QE II.   The 6d value for example is shown below. I picked this one (the same 6d value as the earlier QE II issue but showing a Fijan beating Lali.

So what is Lali?   In one word, it is a drum.   .... Don't you just love learning from stamps.  Next time you visit Fiji you can show off and say that is a nice lali when you see  them playing at your hotel!

Have a great weekend   Michael

with thanks to my friend at  British Commonwealth Album  here   -    and you might enjoy visiting his online store the Used Stamp Collector here.


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