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Tuesday, January 04, 2022

Hello    here is a stamp you have to look out for.  It is a nice stamp of course, showing the Roman Theatre at Soli in Cyrus,   An interesting history in and of itself which I recommend  reading about.

But, from a philatelic point of interest check the perforations if you have a copy or copies. The  1938 issue is perf  12½   but there was another issue in 1944  with perf 13½ x 12½.

The 1938 issue has a catalogue value of 40p UK Used, the 1944 issue is £27.   You don't want to  get those mixed up do you!

You have a Mint copy, oh, maybe you are lucky.................    because the 1938 issue is cat 2021 at £3.25    while the 1944 issue is £550 

Enjoy your stamps, for the history they show and the  differences which are not so obviously seen but which can be extremely important.

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