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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hello and welcome to the blog. Tonight  I was sorting through some pages and found a few of these GV stamps. The Photogravure issue from 1934 to  36. Lovely definitive issue and one that is very interesting to collect in my view.

No doubt you can see the obvious difference between the two. One is what is called. Large format, the other is Small Format; the format refers to the margin sizing.  Unfortunately I do not have my catalogue here with me as I write so I cannot refer to more details although I remember writing on this back in 2007 when I discussed these plus the other format which is the Intermediate format.  ye gods I am repeating myself.!!!

Anyway I found them and thought it would be useful to mention, so you can look out for these differences if you find some of this issue yourself and wonder about the margin differences.Also look out for shade varieties and watermark varieties.

Enjoy your stamps


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