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Friday, June 13, 2008

Hi everyone, I flew into Seoul last night from Sydney, flight is getting longer and movies getting more boring :-) didn't have a stamp magazine with me either, but hey I was here before I knew it. I did see a rather entertaining film..... Fools Gold...... not exactly an Oscar winner but amusing entertainment. Fortunately Korean Air crew are really good and the food is rather nice as well!!

Talking moves, I did see a rather good film on a Seoul Singapore flight the other day. Called Counterfeit... or something like that .. excellent film.. German with sub titles.. well worth seeing, in my humble view.

But to stamps.. I got back to Seoul and there in my mail box was a letter... see someone writes to me :-) ....with this card inside. Rather nice I think you might agree.

Anyone know what is so special about the postmark? Of course having asked that I think I am stupid for having asked so simple a it is so obvious.. but then again :-)

First correct answer will receive 100 world mix... off paper... if you include your mailing address of course. email me at

Have a great weekend and enjoy your stamps... Best wishes.............. Michael


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