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Sunday, April 09, 2023

Cameroun – Aircraft on Stamps – Part III

 Hello  How is your Easter weekend?   Lots of Easter eggs maybe?   Just stamps here 😊

And Part III of Cameroun.  This time showing another aircraft,  shown on one of the stamps from the 1946 issue.  It is a Latecoere 631 flying boat.  Not exactly a successful aircraft.  It was designed as a transatlantic flying boat, similar to the Latecoere 522  regular  readers may recall I wrote about in the Saint Pierre and Miquelon series back in October last year – was it that long ago!!  Anyway it was the largest aircraft ever built at the time – first flown in 1942 – Eleven aircraft were built but 4 were soon written off after various accidents and 1 was lost during WW II.

It was a 40 passenger aircraft with a range of 4000 kilometers,  powered by 6  engines.  Looking at the stamp image I am not so sure the engraver really got that feature across. 

And finally talking aircraft type, I  mentioned I did not know the aircraft type on the previous stamp I showed.    Commenting it might be an Ilyushin Il-12 did get a response from one of my very knowledgeable aviation friends  and I am happy to say I still do not know what the type is, just that it is not an Il-12 😊

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