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Monday, April 03, 2023

Austria – Aircraft on Stamps – Part IX

Hello again, final piece on Austria tonight. This time showing  a stamp issued in 2011 celebrating 100 years of Military Aviation.



The helicopter is not too difficult to name, a U-60 Blackhawk, but the other little aircraft?   I finally found out that it is an Etrich Tuabe.  It was a pre-World War I monoplane and the first military aircraft to be mass-produced in Germany.

Interesting choice of the helicopter for this issue. Not sure of the significance but I read that 9 US-built Blackhawks were purchased to be used for transportation during disasters after it was found the Austrian Air Force’s fleet was too small and inadequate to handle the 1999 Galtur avalanche which I understand had a Blackhawk helping at the time.

So that is it for aircraft on stamps from Austria. I hope you enjoyed the series and found some of the trivia interesting. I certainly enjoyed researching and writing this one.

What next?   I still have not decided and as I  have said, I welcome ideas -  just email me at

Until next time stay safe, be kind and enjoy your aerophilately

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