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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

 Hello,  busy few days.    not much time for stamp to be honest  but this update is important,  maybe, as we did the random draw for the prize mentioned last week.  The winner is from  London in the UK,  and there was only one entry from London so you might know who you are. Thanks for reading us.   I am sorry we cannot give everyone a prize.  But stay tuned we will be doing more little gift giveaways. over the coming weeks I am sure.

What about stamps.      Sometimes when you see a stamp for the first time do you do a  double take look.  

You have to look twice to see what  it is showing.  Well I did with this one.  My eyes looked at the dark shape trying to  work out what it was.    Silly me. I should have looked at the bigger picture!  I couldn't at first see the  bird from the tree branch.

It is of course from Burma, actually the Union of Burma. Issued in 1964 as one of the Burmese Birds issue. It shows a  Green Peafowl,  or specifically it is also known as a Burmese Peafowl.   An endangered species I believe native to Burma, now Myanmar.

So much to see and learn from this wonderful hobby.  Enjoy your stamps

Best Wishes   Michael


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