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Saturday, March 16, 2019

March madness minisale moving Montserrat Malta …..starting Monday 18th, 20% off. Maybe motivate you to find some missing stamps; make up a mix of mint and used. maybe! Michael :-)

Hello, I am finally making time to write as I found this corner block in the mail the other day. I hope you enjoy seeing these. On Silver Hot Foil and showing Year of the Monkey, Rooster, Pig and Dog. This set was issued by Hong Kong Post for the Year of the Pig.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your stamps Michael

Saturday, March 09, 2019

Hello, my weekend challenge.... sometimes it is nice to have this challenge :-) SG 204a or SG 192. I am reviewing more North Borneo stock. The vermilion and carmine OPT are not that easy to see apart but this one has me guessing. Big difference in cat listing so I don't want to get it wrong... do I :-) Anyone think they can tell just from this scan? Have a great weekend Michael

Friday, March 08, 2019

Hello, yes, it has been a month since I last wrote. How time flies. This is one reason.. no time for stamps as travelling and enjoying the lovely island of Panglao in Bohol in the Philippines.
Another reason is, here at cddstamps we have been listing more stock. Every time we get to say 38, nearly 39000 lots in our online store we have customers keep buying from us.... :-) how nice is that :-) But is means we have to keep adding new material.... we do enjoy that I might add.
And this is just one lovely stamp we have recently added. SG 175 (SC 147) What I think you will find of interest, if you collect North Borneo, is the number of perforation and colour variations we are able to list. All the more to help you fill a few gaps in your collection. Have a brilliant weekend, enjoy your stamps Michael

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