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Friday, July 20, 2018

Hello, random thoughts, although to be honest there is little to link the stamp with the thought but it was the best I could come up with :-) once I had found this stamp. I hope this is interesting. Today 20th July in 1837 Euston Station opened. Mainline railway station in London UK. The stamp shows a Stephenson’s locomotive from 1825 and from the Stockton and Darlington railway. SG 984 from the 1975 Anniversary of Public Railways issue.

Euston station was for the London to Birmingham railway. So really no connection what so ever, except around the same time period, And, did you know, there has never been – please correct me if I am wrong here – a GB stamp with an image of Euston station. A new theme for Royal Mail perhaps? British Railway stations. Now I think I would like that.

So, a stamp close to fitting the 20th July opening of Euston, and an event close to fitting the stamp.

Anyway, I wonder what Euston Station looks like today? It was rebuilt in the 1960s. Certainly no open carriages. Look carefully at the carriages below

Enjoy your stamps and have a great weekend ..... Michael


At 10:32 AM, Blogger Roy said...

Hi Michael

Thanks for writing about Locos. A passion of mine as you know. I have recently attended an open day on the Severn Vally Railway. Brilliant sunshine and lots to do with many locos on show.

Hope you are well.



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