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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Hello,  enjoying your stamps I hope. You are shocked to see these three I am sure.

This is what you will NOT find in the cddstamps online store. ( or copy this link -   

So why am I showing them?  Well, because I see so many people who sell stamps offering rubbish like this. I have used poor quality stamps from my own stock  and deliberately damaged them to show these examples.

Torn, clipped and creased. Even the material I put into my Childrens Corner box is better than this yet time and time again I see people offering stamps for sale with just these types and scale of damage.

I cannot, in all honesty,  name the sellers but I can tell you what to look for and not buy it. Perhaps as a spacefiller for something rare or difficult or expensive, but not common stamps.

Want to be confident when buying stamps to fill a few gaps in your collection?  then please visit cddstamp store, or check out the countries we offer - or copy this link    don't worry that it says great britain in the link url, you will all the British Commonwealth countries we stock well as GB.

We think our quality description are complete and accurate,  that our pricing is fair and competitive and that we offer a good range of choice, especially if you like different postmarks for example.

If you are not aware, there are just over 700 online stores at Hipstamp so we take our quality and pricing very seriously. Give us just one chance and we think you will become a repeat customer as have so many of our customers.

Have a great philatelic weekend    Michael at


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