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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hello, I hope you had a lovely weekend, and enjoyed some stamp time. I certainly did. Found this. Nothing that special I think but nice to have. It is has a touch of toning which slightly distracts.

It is SG 1 and while imperf it is imperf by nature of being between gutter margins. Pity not from adjacent stamp, but still something a bit different.

Now for a favour please. Simple really. Please  try to open the website    I ask because I cannot open it from my home laptop.

My hosting support people tell me there is a hop problem with my ISP.  Very strange as my internet is working just brilliantly - it is just the one site that I cannot open, and I cannot update the pages. if you can try please just send me an email saying yes you can or no you cannot.

One mate of mine in Australia was able to open it.

All very odd,  so I am trying people around the world so I have some more details to give to my ISP or the Hosting support people.

Will you be so kind as to help me?  Many thanks

 Enjoy your stamps.  Michael  cddstamps


At 5:41 AM, Blogger Roy Simpson said...

No problems from Spain.

Nice website



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