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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hello, another week flown by, literally for me as well because I have been to Australia for a long weekend. I found this waiting for me, along with quite a few $50 definitive values that I used on a parcel I mailed just over 2 years ago. Finally they made it to my collection and stock.

This stamp was issued in 2015 in a special miniature sheet to commemorate weather phenomena. Specifically it was to commemorate Typhoon Vicente.

This typhoon, in 2012, was regarded as the most powerful storm to strike southern China, Hong Kong and Macau in recent years. The Hong Kong Observatory issued a Hurricane Signal 10 warning, the first such high level since 1999. I recall the day very well as I was living there at the time, and my apartment was on the 62nd floor.  Very windy to put it mildly, and of course we did not go to work.

Enjoy your stamps  Michael


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