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Saturday, July 01, 2017

Hello and welcome to July and our cddstamps Newsletter.

First a big thank you to all who visiting the online shop this past month, and for your orders, and for your feedback. All much appreciated.

We will be starting to load more GB this month as so much has gone from stock and some of you, and new customers we hope, will not find what you need to fill those gaps in your collections.  In the past we have listed 2, 3 or maybe 5 items (except for Machins) but going forward will try to load more copies of any one stamp so there is again a choice for you.

 Talking of choice, for all of you who collect Australia you really do have a great choice now. We loaded some 2000 stamps to the store this past month – mostly 1990 through 1994 and with many perforation, phosphor and imperf varieties and with the issue title in the description to help you find what you are looking. This courtesy of an idea from one of our customers who does not have SG catalogue numbers.  This may help some of you search for what you need  to expand your collections.  Image  SG 1331p with phosphor band to right

And, perhaps the listings we are most excited about are for KUT – Kenya Uganda and Tanganyika. Some 200+ stamps added to the store. Again, including many perforation varieties and both mint never hinged, mint hinged and used.  And, not only KUT but 1996 Kenya issues with various perforation, paper and gum varieties Some lovely mint never hinged material.   Surely not material you will find very easily, except at cddstamps.  image SG 22b,  mint never hinged on Glazed Ordinary paper.

Finally, we have one more trip this month, again to Hong Kong, on 13th July so any orders received close to then will be mailed from there. From your feedback we know you do see faster mail delivery when we have mailed from UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

We hope you enjoy visiting cddstamps. We look forward to providing the stamps you want for your collection, with the best service we can including the quality of the stamps as described and the packing to ensure they get to you in excellent condition.

Have a great July, and best wishes in particular to all our Canada and USA customers for your respective days of celebration.



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