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Monday, December 05, 2016

Hello, two stamps and a bit of history before I leave tomorrow for a week in Australia.

These from Tanganykia although as you will see it is a stamp originally issued from the Nyasaland Protectorate.  The issue was sanctioned for use by the Nyasaland – Rhodesian Force during the operations in German East Africa,  Mozambique and Nyasaland in 1916.

German East Africa was a German colony in East Africa, including what is now Burundi, Rwanda and Tanganyika.  It came into existence during the 1880s and ended during World War I, when the area was taken over by the British and Belgians, and later as the League of Nations Mandate Territories.

After the colony was occupied by Belgian and British troops, each issued its own provisional stamps. This was issued for Tanganyika in 1916, when at the request of Brigadier General Edward Northey to the Governor of Nyasaland, Nyasaland stamps were overprinted "N.F. The overprint was intended to be N.F.F for Nyasaland Field Force but the telegraph operator omitted one “F.” when sending the request to the Governor.

The stamps could only be used by troops of the Nyasaland Rhodesian Field Force. Although they were primarily intended for use in German East Africa, they were also used from field post offices in Nyasaland and Mozambique. They were not issued to any civilian post office nor could they be used by any civilians

I will be back around 15th December but please don’t let that hold you off placing orders from the cddstamps online store.  May not get to you for Christmas but still treat yourself anyway. 

Enjoy your stamps  Michael


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