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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hello, I have been sorting GB Machins this weekend and found this,  something different to show you  tonight and not something I pay much attention to myself. If you see a stamp with pin holes in it, then it probably is a perfin.  A perfin is a stamp that has had initials or a name perforated across it to discourage theft. The name is a contraction of perforated initials or perforated insignia.

Great Britain was the first country to use perfins, beginning in 1868 These were more common I believe in the early years of the use of postage stamps but we can still find them on more recent issues, as seen on this 1993 2nd class self-adhesive definitive issue  SG 1664 (1 centre phosphor band).

What do the initials stand for? I have no idea. Perhaps a reader does.

Enjoy your stamps,  best wishes   Michael


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