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Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Hello,  I received two letters in yesterdays mail. Some nice stamps some might say. Sadly sellotape over the  definitives, would have been a collectible piece perhaps. And not postally cancelled, again. Well at least it did not have pen scribble all over it.  Issued in 1993 as a self adhesive.  Not bad to use a 1st class stamp from 1993 which would originally have cost 24p at todays  1st class stamp rate of 64p I think it is. Perhaps also interesting is that SG 2015 catalogue lists this stamp at £2.50 for a Mint stamp.

The other letter had the white “Label”  (image enhanced so you can see it a bit better) was also nice to see, although of course I would prefer real stamps, LOL. I do like the bottom right hand corner text, “single use only”.  Not quite sure how these can be used given they have date and place already printed on them, but then the thought of reusing these would never have crossed my mind.

Hope your stamps come through the mail as you would wish.


At 8:44 AM, Blogger Roy said...

Hi Michael,

I have tried to use these self adhesive stamps from 1993 in the past. Not only did I find it difficult to remove them from the backing paper, but the one or two that I did remove had no adhesive left on the stamps. This is probably the reason they were taped to the envelope.

In my opinion they are worth what they were used for (face value)


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