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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Hello, I hope you enjoy this variety 
Another nice find while preparing more material to load to the online store. Hope someone can afford this one  :-)  smile emotic Cannot find a copy for sale on any auction or web sites so something special if you want to fill a big gap in your collection. Of course lots more at dollars and cents prices.
This Cyprus variety (watermark Multi Crown CA) is SG 76a, showing "broken bottom left triangle" 

Stamp is Mint with clean gum and only a light hinge mark; 2014 catalogue value is £140, not that I am asking that for it of course. By comparison the normal stamp is £3. If nothing else I hope you enjoy seeing it and now know what to look for in your 1912 and 1923 Cyprus George V issues as this flaw is in both issues. ( PS click zoomed image to see full comparison)
Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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