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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Yes I am back, after too much flying but very enjoyable trips  to the UK,then back here to Hong Kong for a change of clothes so to speak and then flights to the Philippines and a place called Laoag where I shall be moving to in a few months.

cddstamps from the Philippines. Yes, and all the better for my customers as I will be selling with a reduced postage charge.

But in the meantime I will be spending some time writing about other philatelic sites.

My first one is from a colleague from Canada. (see image above)  Albeit he is from Saskatchewan and I lived in Ontario. Close enough eh!

This site has some interesting menu choices, not only stamps but the guys life. All very interesting if you have the time. As for stamps  he shows some lovely examples - for example here  including the 1928  Air Mail "Swollen Breast" variety  -  and here  with a lovely example of an GB offset printed 2d blue.small crown perf 16.  Finally this page which I think offers interesting reading and some lovely stamps.

If you have a web site you would like me to write about just email me the url - to

Lets helps promote each other as I think it is educational and enjoyable for us to share each others different interests.

Best wishes... Michael


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