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Monday, January 18, 2016

Hello, I am back again.  Wish I had more time for stamps. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Do you like this block. I was sorting stamps over the weekend, in preparation for a move - albeit in a few months time but I have to start early as there are  boxes and boxes of stamps to be moved and over the coming weeks and months I am planning on doing some serious cleaning out  - time permitting - so watch this space.

This nice block with Margin Plate 15A issued 1972 from the Decimal Currency issue. SG 831b. Low cat of £0.80p per stamp for used but with a block of 15 I think it is collectible. Top row left to right second stamp has perfs separated from the next stamp, and there are a couple of light creases showing on the reverse of 4 of the stamps. There were two printings of this stamp as I recall but I do not have my specialised catalogue with me - it is already packed and shipped so I do not know which one this is.

If you collect blocks I will send this to you for USD $5 inclusive of postage and packing etc.
first email to by date stamp will get it. Write me first please and I will send you my paypal payment details.

This is only available to readers of this blog, unless not sold over coming week or two.

I hope you enjoy seeing this

Best wishes.... Michael


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