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Monday, June 15, 2015

Hi, how can I not write tonight . The 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta. That reminds me,  I used to visit some fine pubs along the river at Runnymede - must go there again one day and see if my memories are re-lived.

I read a piece in a newspaper -  quote  - ..."  A lecherous traitor, a depraved tyrant and a hopeless leader in war.... " end of quote ....  and wondered, who I was reading about ... hahahahahaha ...   times haven't changed have they?  But philately can still bring us peace and joy I hope.

I found this stamp  - see above - in  my stock.  Issued on  6 July 1999 as part of the Royal Mail Millennium issue, celebrating, in that issue, The Citizens' Tale. Bit boring really, don't you think.

I have seen small images of the new issue to commemorate the 800th Anniversary. Nice work Royal Mail.  Be nice to see the real stamp. They actually look quite appealing to me.

Any reader from UK who wants to mail me a set on envelope, nicely franked please,  I will surely repay you and then some more. Just email me at and let’s arrange something.

Enjoy your stamps..... Best wishes... Michael   ... 


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