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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Hello,  tonight has been my first real night with stamps for a while, actually May 20th as I recall and I have loaded a few more New Zealand to the bidStart Store  click here  

If you are bored about me telling you about the Store I am sorry but just enjoy the stamp above. and maybe check your stamps for perf gauge.

This is maybe not one you have if you collect NZ,  SG 1746 with perf 12 instead of the regular perf 14 1/2  by 14.

It always pays to check the perfs.  SG 1746 is cat at £0.85p,  while SG 1746b with perf 12 is £1.60.   Ok, not going to retire on a sale of this that but nice to have all the same. and if you do not have it then check it in my bidStart store :-)

Enjoy your stamps.   Michael


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