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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hello, yes I am back. I finally found a stamp to write about. Nothing special to many of you maybe, but I cannot find it in my new SG New Zealand catalogue.

Tarapex '86 is the inscription as you can see. I can find Tarapex 2008 and  '98  but nothing in 1986.

Why I wonder?  Am I being really dumb?  Don't answer that!  Surely someone can tell me.  A little gift of some New Zealand stamps to the first answer to if you send me your mailing address as well.

And for my NewZealand collectors I just finished loading more lovely NZ issues up to 1988 in my bidStart Store here    Nearly 3000 NZ lots to chose from.  Fill a few gaps in your collection at very competitive prices.

Best wishes.. Hope to hear from you


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Hello,  a little time for stamps tonight. Just browsing through a few. I found a cover with this on it. Nothing special. I just like horses and thought  maybe you would like to see it as much as I did.

SG 1064 from the 1978 "Horses" issue. Anyone remember that far back !!!!! and 10½p, what a strange value today.
What I do find interesting is that the ½ is written without the divider line. No it is not an error, that is how the stamp value was designed.

Have a great evening / day wherever you are


Saturday, May 09, 2015

Hello again. Ceylon tonight. I was hoping to have a busy stamp weekend, and so far Saturday has nearly disappeared on me and only now am I getting round to looking at these stamps late in the evening. Lots of variety to look at in the GV and GVI I have here with me.

If you collect Ceylon Edward VII, GV or GVI and have some gaps in your collection, then give me a few weeks and check out my bidStart store as I will be listing them.  Nice quality I might add.

The above is a MVLH ( Mint Very Light Hinge - in fact I only saw the faintest hinge trace when looking under my spotlight and I would make a guess that 9 times out of ten this would be sold on many sites as MUH (Mint Unhinged)

It is SG 394d.   With perf 11 x 11½   There are 6 perforation varieties I am aware of.  Anyway this copy is catalogued at £6 in my 2013  SG Commonwealth and British Empire catalogue. Always worth checking these carefully. Had this had the watermark variety, missing A in CA,  it would have had a catalogue value of £1400.   I have some more to check.  Like winning the lottery  but more fun to play.

Enjoy your stamps, and don't be shy, Have a look at my bidStart sales, Fill a few gaps in your collection at very competitive prices. All orders  of  10 stamps or more,  of any value,  this month will get a philatelic present from me. It is my birthday month and I want to share that with you.


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