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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Just issued the IPDA March Newsletter.  thought I would share one idea I had with you. Maybe someone out there can send me material?

Recently I started to get my New Zealand stock is some sort of order to list in my bidStart Store. Material I somehow accumulated while living in Australia, and some recent material I picked up at auction thinking it would make good stock material.

The difficulty for me is I am not well versed in the peculiarities of the watermark variations. On the face of it, It should be simple enough (no, not at all I think you may say?).

So here is a request. Anyone with knowledge and ability to show scans, able to write a piece helping me and perhaps others see the varieties easily?

For example, how to correctly identify W98 when normal upright, inverted,  inverted and reversed, sideways inverted, and the same for Single Watermark.

I look forward to hearing from you  ....... write me at,    Guest copy of IPDA Newsletter will also be sent on request.



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