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Friday, February 27, 2015

Hello everyone, yes am back writing. Been a busy few weeks, no time for philately I am afraid.

I started looking again at New Zealand. Seems like this is an area people are looking for from my bidStart Store. But oh dear, the study of the earlier issues is making my brain ache.

Take this stamp from the lovely 1900 - 1903 issue. Dare I catalogue it wrong? I hope not.

Why, well because, as many of you know even better than me, there are 4 issues ( am I right ) SG 278 dull purple, perf 11 with SG Cat at £0.65, then SG 319, Grey Purple, perf 14, Cat £2.50, then SG 331, purple, compound perfs 11 and 14 with a Cat of £375 and finally SG 340, purple, mixed perfs with a Cat of £325.

Apart from trying to sell at wrong price and losing big time I could also be selling with wrong details and upsetting a customer. And I certainly don't want to do that!

Now it should be easy just by perfs to decide (but they are hard to tell on these issues in my view) and there are also other variation which I wont bore you with.

All this to remind you that it is so important to carefully study many of these earlier issues and have a good catalogue to help you. 

Anyway, anyone want to make an offer, lets say 100 quid postage paid :-) No refunds hahahahahah, just my sense of humour.

Have a great weekend. Michael


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