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Friday, January 24, 2014

TGIF, time for some stamps. Been a busy week. Busy in many ways, not the least because I got orders for 122 stamps yesterday and spent so much time packing them.  Good to know there are those of you who value the quality and price of what I am offering from my Bidstart Store. Thank you. I haven't yet paid off my stamp Christmas present to myself but I will maybe get there by May  hahahahahahhaa

Hope you enjoying tonights stamps. A se-tenant pair from Canada as you can see. These are SG 1296 and 1297 from the 1988 Canadian Butterflies issue.  These and many more are now listed in my Bidstart Store.

Have a look here for all my Canada listings and maybe you will be able to fill a gap or two in your collection.

Or look here to see all the countries I have in stock

I am looking forward to the long weekend next week, Chinese New Year when I will be listing more. Am currently sorting more Canada and Great Britain Machins.  Machins you say, Well I will be listing higher value items which might just help you fill a gap or two in your collections.

Have a great philatelic weekend.  best wishes.. Michael


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