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Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello,  well the weekend started good. I queued for 90 minutes and finally was rewarded with the Year of the Horse stamps. Hope you like this MS.

Since there  is a sales restriction to individual customers and I manged to get the full allocation I thought maybe a nice gift to my Bidstart Customers. So until my supply lasts (6 copies)  I will give one of these free to the first 6 customers (one order per customer only please to share them around).  And, I will use a set (4 stamps) of the Year of the Horse stamps on each order I mail.   I got 1 sheet (25 stamps) of each value.

Fill a gap in your collection and get a set of the lovely Hong Kong Year of the Horse stamps postally used, at the same time.  Just visit and select the country you collect. To search for the stamp(s) you need just type the SG number into the "Search Store For"  field. I hope I have the stamps you are looking for in stock.

Have a great weekend.



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