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Friday, September 06, 2013

Hi, Friday night here. And yes I am happy :-)   But not a policeman hahahahaha     Home alone in Hong Kong and just finished loading a few more new items, recent GB Commemoratives actually, to my Bidstart store. This one above gave me a surprise when I looked at the catalogue price. Without checking, do you know the catalogue value of the set of 10?    I will tell  you at the end.

I have listed some Used stamps. I do not usually do this because I try to keep to VFU and FU. But I have found many higher values which sadly have tiny short perfs (by my standards anyway) and even some with paper thins on reverse. Sad, but I think they will still be nice for a complete collection. Many of these higher value GB Commemoratives are just so hard to find postally used. Basically they are just found in mint condition in collections and never used for real postage.

More stamps tomorrow I hope, then maybe a day trip to Macau on Sunday to a stamp dealer there I like to visit occasionally. Some thing different eh!!!

have a great weekend.. Michael  wwww.  ...

.oh yes.. the cat for the set is £26, that is US$40, or for me, 315 HKD


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